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So, my first five nights at Freddy's theory is about what happens in Take Cake to the Children (or SAVE HIM) death minigame.

In this minigame we see Freddy taking cake to six children sat at party tables who get progressively angrier until cake is served to them. Outside, behind the closed door of the restaurant, is a crying child. After some time passes a purple car rolls up and a purple man gets out. The child briefly stops crying then begins to cry harder and harder, eyes widening and tears streaming down his/her face, only to abruptly turn grey. The purple man gets back into his car and drives away, leaving the seeminly dead child outside on the pavement. This is then followed by the Puppet's jumpscare and you are taken back to the menu. All the time this is happening, Freddy moves slower and slower and the letters S A V E H I M are called out in a distorted robotic voice.

Creepy, huh? Well, let's look at what it might mean. I think the day is just like any other with another birthday party going on. Freddy is walking around serving birthday cake as programmed, the children are happy (when fed, of course) and all is well. Except for the crying child.

Why is he crying? I'm guessing he wasn't invited to the party and wanted to go. Then the purple man pulls up, the child stops cring to look up at him in surprise/reponse to the purple man (only to realise he's in danger or is actually being attacked, so strats crying harder) and then is killed. Freddy cannot save him, only watch, as he is programmed (at this point) only to serve cake and sing. Also, the murder occured outside the restaurant and he is presumably programmed not to leave said restaurant.

Why does the Puppet jumpscare you? Because the puppet was possesed by the crying child. Why else would this particular jumpscare play, not Freddy's? Also, the face of the puppet has purple markings going from it's eyes to it's mouth, resembling the shape of the tear tracks of the weeping child. It can be assumed the puppet is posessed by something due to it's apparent sapience (always thinking) and eerie movements (floating around). This sapience accounts for its ability to attack the nightgaurd regardless of him wearing the Freddy mask, as the Puppet can discern between a man in a mask and an actual animatronic. It clearly does not rely on the facial recognition system as the other animatronics do. The fact it is possessed by a young child is supported by the fact it is comforted by a simple music box at night, in the same way a child can be sung to sleep with a lullaby. However, this may link to the fact it is based off a Jack-in-the-box and cannot 'jump out' is the music is unwinding, having to wait until it has finished. There is more evidence, in my opinion, in the Give gifts minigame but that will be covered in a later post.

When and where does this all happen? I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it could've taken place in Fredbears Family Diner, or at least early on in the Franchises history. The restaurant appears to only consist of one room and Freddy is the only animatronic serving the children. This could all be down to perspective, not seeing the other rooms doesn't mean they aren't there, but it is interesting how none of the other bandmates are helping out with such a busy party.

I personlally thought Fredbears mascot would use the Golden Freddy ainimatronic as Fredbear (why else would it exist?) but this guy is the same colour as Freddy in the other minigames, not Golden Freddy adding to the confusion and potentially disproving the fact it is set in Freadbear's. I dunno...

As a sidenote, this Freddy sprite is more detailed than the one used in the other Atari style minigames (SAVETHEM). Could this perhaps be because we are seeing the Puppets recount of events? And, being more advanced than the other animatronics, could see Freddy in more detail? I mean, Freddy probably can't see himself so what he thinks he looks like may be innacurate or less detailed than what others see... Just a thought.

To summarise, I believe the event takes place very early on in the Company's history in either Fredbear's Family Diner or Freddy Fazbears Pizza (before the one in FNAF 2). The child outside was murdered by the Purple man and his/her spirit then possessed the puppet, leading to it's percieved sapience and supernatural abilities. I believe this event may have been recounted by the Puppet, for reasons just above.

All of this is speculation and my thoughts on what happedned... What do you think?

P.S. I'm well aware that these conclusions have been drawn by others but these are genuinely my own views on the matter. Just because I'm not the first person to figure out 2+2=4 doesn't mean I copied the answer from someone else, it was the logical conclusion. I'm just rying to make sense of it all (and putting my ideas down on paper may help me figure out the timeline of events - my ultimate goal)
Recently I have become very interested in the Five Nights at Freddy's indie horror game, specifically the back story. I have all these theories about what happened buzzing round my head but I can't logically place them into one complete time line. Over the next few days I may begin posting my theories (if only to lay them all out) and maybe even string them together.

I'd like your opinions on these theories (if you're also interested in the games)
Recently I have become very interested in the Five Nights at Freddy's indie horror game, specifically the back story. I have all these theories about what happened buzzing round my head but I can't logically place them into one complete time line. Over the next few days I may begin posting my theories (if only to lay them all out) and maybe even string them together.

I'd like your opinions on these theories (if you're also interested in the games)


Katie Matthews
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